Tuesday, July 22, 2014

United | Together

We are strong. Israel and it's army, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), are advanced and powerful. The current mission at hand, that of Operation Protective Edge, is to cripple Hamas infrastructure and to obtain lasting peace for the Israeli people. The IDF will accomplish this goal, regardless of hardships along the way. Granted the mission may cost hundreds of lives and millions of Anti-Zionist YouTube hate comments, however when the IDF sets its mind to a goal, it succeeds. This was seen years ago in the war of independence during the first days of the IDF and the state of Israel, and was seen recently with the retrieval of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli prisoner of war. The IDF is using this power for humanitarian actions as well. At the moment, an Israeli field hospital is operating for Palestinian civilians outside the Erez crossing. Over a hundred trucks of supplies including medicine, food, and water have entered Gaza since the first day of the ground incursion. The IDF has even used its powerful air force intelligence to recognize children being used as human shields by terrorists, and in doing so has cancelled tens of airstrikes.

We are resilient. The end goal of Hamas is to terrorize Israel's population and to destroy the Jewish people. Israel combats this terrorism on a daily basis not only by physically destroying their missiles using our technologically-advanced Iron Dome, but also emotionally. Israeli citizens continue with their busy lives during times like these, while remembering to often check the news as to keep updated on the situation. Israeli children in Sderot continue to play underground in classrooms built as bomb shelters. Despite Hamas's best efforts, life in Israel goes on.

We are United. All around the world, Jews are holding hands and praying for Israel. Whether it is a small 50 person community in Siena, Italy or the larger bay area community, Jews feel more united than ever at a time like this. Some choose to be informed of the conflict, some choose to donate money to Israel-benefitting organizations, and other, such as me, choose to write and educate the world about discrimination towards Israel and the ongoing crisis. Regardless of how we do it, the Jewish community is united and will forever stand with Israel.

In the wise words of deputy consul general Eyal Naor: "We are strong. We are resilient. We are united". Now, more than ever, Israel and Jews are filled with pride, courage, and strength. I believe that despite our different opinion and views, together we can come together and end Hamas's reign. Together, we can make a difference, and together we will restore peace to Israel and it's people.



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