Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rejection of Reality -Day 7

 Rabbi Dan
    45 minutes ago Palestinian rockets destroyed a home in Sderot. Yesterday an Arab boy was burned to death in east Jerusalem. A week ago 3 innocent Israeli boys were kidnapped, and murdered shortly after. 

   These events don't come as a shock to the Israeli society. For as long as I can remember, the people of Israel have suffered and died in terrorist attacks, yet the mindset had always stayed the same: Replace pain with the want to strive, and pray that someday something will change.

    In a phone conversation with my sister, an officer in the IDF, she said "These things happen to us (Israelis) all the time. There is nothing we can do but continue to be optimistic and pray for peace".   
    This legitimately scares me. Years of pain and suffering has caused the Israeli society to reject reality. Israelis, like my own family, have for years purposely become ignorant to the world of terrorism. Its not necessarily that they don't know about the hundreds of deaths and casualties caused by terrorists, but rather they hold a mentality that denies the fact that anything could be done to create meaningful change. 

     I am not suggesting that Israelis get worked up and retaliate harshly after every single attack, however I am criticizing the fact that the Israeli society fails to acknowledge the       severity of the situation. It is wrong and frankly absurd that people consider these attacks 'normal' and that there are bound to be more of them.

P.S Pope Dan officially changed religions, and is now to be called rabbi Dan

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