Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Loud Silence

Coming to the desert I have heard only that it’s very hot during the day and freezing at night. No one has mentioned the gorgeous mountains or candy colored sunsets. These past three days in Mitzpe Ramon I have had the most spiritual and meaningful time.

Every day in Israel is jam packed with long bus rides and fun activities seeing the country. Yet on Shabbat it’s the one day we don’t have anything planned. We can sleep as late as we want and just hang out the whole day. Last Shabbat was boring and hard to be stuck in the hotel all day. This Shabbat was a very different experience.

With the wind blowing and the heat beating down on me I decided to go visit the edge of the small field school we are sleeping at. The edge of the school has a fence and then a drop that goes down thousands of feet that leads to the bottom of the crater. This view then lets us see miles across the desert. The mountains and the blue sky. The view that you only see on postcards.

I just sat there and looked at the view. Even though no one was with me and there was no noise I have never been in such a loud place. I suddenly felt a swarm of thoughts buzzing around my brain yet the wide open space let them roam free.  Those thirty minutes I spent thinking about my life was more meaningful then the hours and hours I have put in to these thoughts anywhere else.  

--Hadas Ben-David

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