Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Something For Myself

I wake up
Birds chirping dulcetly in my ears
I smile
I’m doing something for myself.
Lily is dreaming of a place far away
Lost in the abyss of her dreams, clouding her mind
I shake her awake
The dim light from the desert that surrounds us shines brightly on her defined face
Her hair untamed from the tossing in her sleep.
The ungodly hour of 5:30 AM haunts me
Why did I awaken this early?
I’m doing something for myself.
I knock my supposed iron fist on the door
Sarah answers my calling
The face of a girl whose is fatigued, but energy is ever constant
The three cognates head up the mountain
My heart stammers
The wind bites at my worn out body
I’m trying to do something for myself.
Is it working?
Ascending up the mountain, I think about the view that awaits me
It’s been a long time since the fresh sunrise has reached my eyes
I feel spontaneous.
It’s not even a mountain we’re clambering up on
Just a pile of rocks,
But then again
Everything starts from something
And when the earth spins and evolves and I will no longer be here
The once pile of rocks will be a mountain that has patiently waited for it’s turn
To nourish in the sunlight, with every inch growing solely upwards
The tired but ready three are on the to-be mountain
I smile and wait for the sun
I’m trying to do something for myself,
I think it’s working.

5:48 AM
At the peak of morning, the sun rises up
It’s lover, the moon, has fallen deep into slumber
The sun searches for him, climbing higher and higher,
But no sign of him anywhere
A hopeless form of love
The sky turns from blue to a rainbow of cotton candy colors
Sun kissing my face
My smile stretches as wide as it can
It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy.
In this moment, the pink array of colors in the sky above me
Only adds to the beauty of the vast crater that surrounds me
The organic smiles from my companions’ faces add to the warmness.
All together, the recipe for happiness is faced before me
Company and nature
I feel happy again.

6:00 AM
The sun is making its way across the sky, prepared for the 24-hour journey ahead
If only I had its courage
I would do things for myself.

 Leeor Acrich, 16, California

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