Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Last Chapter

We have reached the end of our trip, wow three weeks have already passed.
This is not my first visit to Israel in fact I come here every year, practically I'm Israeli. But until this trip I had not visited all the beauties of this nation. First of all, I recommend to don't stay only in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, there are hundreds of other attractions.

Despite all the dangers, every time I come here it seems to me to come back home and everytime I want more and more to move to Israel.

On this trip I met all the aspects of Israel, some I did not know: how the minoritiesk live in the country, and the new state-funded projects. But above all, I have witnessed firsthand the Arab-Israeli conflict. Fortunately, I was out of range of the missiles of Gaza, but I've always had a little fear.

During the visit to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament (only 120 members!) I fully understood the Israeli politics. Officially it is almost the same as the Italian one, there is a coalition government, the system of allocation of seats is proportional and the president of the republic is only a symbolic figure and the only power he has is the grace to guilty. Some deputates are Arabs all of them at the opposition. But this is real Democracy.

The thing that shocked me most of all, however, is this: taxation. Did you think that in Italy or in USA the taxes are outrageously high? Well then it means that you don't know Israel! 60% of the all revenues goes to the State and gasoline costs more than in Italy, where is the highest in Europe.
The cost of living is higher, but unlike Italy in Israel there is no tax evasion and all aren't sad to pay taxes. Why is that? Of course, because here they know that the money goes into good hands and is used in the best way.

The current situation is already difficult to solve, in addition to any action of Israel almost all media and the institutions of the world condemn us!
The most disconcerting fact is that Egypt, which theoretically is a supporter of the Palestinians has closed its border with Gaza, while Israel has open borders and, moreover, sends energy, food and fuel.
The EU puts pressure on Israel on giving iron and cement with which they build tunnels to go under the border with Egypt and bring the weapons with which to attack us!

I think we should first of all stop aid to the civilians of Gaza and invade the strip and conquer it. The world sees the Palestinians as innocent civilians, but for me they are not! Hiding a terrorist in your house or keep illegal weapons or act as human shield is to be complicit to the terrorist! 1,500,000 people live in the strip of which 20,000 terrorists. If the population was really honest and fair they would boycott the terrorist or go on Israel's side to help defeating the terrorists!

This is not a racist speech and not willing to say that all Palestinians are guilty and must be stopped, but I don't understand how Palestinians might think that their cause is right.

After all, this situation is also present in Italy, but instead of Hamas there is Ndrangheta. The real mafia is the minority, but the population is depending from it and succumbs without protest.
The real difference is that here we are talking about two different States, nay, of a state and a terrorist entity!

Israel is a fair State, everyone has the right to vote , freedom of religion, thought and opinion. While the Arab regimes every person who tries to be different from the rest of the flock is killed immediately.
So I can concede that many Palestinians are just scared of Hamas so they don't react.

Therefore I recommend you to visit Israel, regardless of religion, ideals or values ​​that you have, because Israel is a free country and wants to share with you this freedom.

David Fiorentini

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