Monday, July 14, 2014

A Multitude of Views

Out of everyone in our group, I was the least informed on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict prior to going to Israel. The extent to my knowledge was that the Palestinians were the bad guys and the Israeli Jews were the good guys. I came to Israel hoping for a clearer view of how we (Israeli Jews) should solve the Palestine conflict with Israel.

Unfortunately after staying in Israel for three weeks I have learned there is no clear, right answer. In fact my views are as conflicted as they were before even going to Israel.

My views became even more conflicting today when an actress showed us four different perspectives of four different people. She acted as an Orthodox Israeli Jew, an Australian, a stereotypical Republican American, and an Arab.

However funny it was this presentation still didn't shy away from the fact that there are so many different views on the Palestinian Israel conflict. The actress's goal at the end of the presentation was to confuse us, and she succeed.

After the presentation I was confused about the Israeli conflict, but I was also confused as to why she wanted us to be confused.

But I've figured it out.

We need to be confused because in this case there is no right answer, no black or white. Now that understand every perspective I can proudly say that I'm confused. I'm confused as to what we (Israel) needs to do. I'm confused just thinking about what's going on and who is right or wrong.

Despite being confused upon the present situation in Israel, I am not confused on the future. We will always rise to see another day. Israel: my second home, the place of my people,

----Johnny Scher

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