Friday, July 4, 2014

Bitter-Sweet -Day 8

    Tired, thirsty, and sore from our mountainous trek, I realized how increasingly homesick I have become.
    First, for my bed. The soft, and magical platform that gives me a night sleep like no other. While I do appreciate the flower-scented pillows of this hostel in Mitzpeh Ramon, I miss my "roee-scented" bed more than anything.

     Furthermore, my family. I miss having a hot bowl of soup when I'm not feeling well, and even the never-ending pressure of my mom to be productive during summer. I haven't talked to Ronnie in quite a while, and though I'm positive she's doing great in her summer adventures, I miss laughing with, and at her. Lastly the small puppy that never fails to dissapoint. I'm extremely excited to see how much this little ball of energy has grown.

    The boys of Ramon AZA #195. Its an absurd thought that I don't have anyone who can come hangout and talk about life-issues within a matter of minutes. Standing above the nature-made crater of Mitzpeh Ramon, I can't help but remember the creative, intelligent, and caring leaders of Ramon. Ramonians, I miss you like crazy, and can't wait to come back home to hang out with y'all.

     I'm not ready to leave yet however. There are so many more views to be seen and experiences to be had. At this point, there is nothing better to do but just make the best of each every moment.

----Roee Landesman

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